Stringer Potts
(b. before 1744 - d. before 1817)
Lenoir County, North Carolina

1790-1810 Stringer Potts Family in the Census

1769 - Dobbs County Tax List - Robert, son Stephen & Stringer Potts

1777 - Stringer Drafted in Capt. Kennedy's Company, 26 Jul 1777, Dobbs County, NC

Dobbs County Militia

1779 - Stringer was on the Voter List for Dobbs County.

1780 - Commissioner's List for Provision Taxes received from Capt. Kennedy's District - Stringer Potts, 2 bushels corn for taxes.

1781 - Book 12, Dobbs County Deed Index, April l779 to April l784
Stringer Potts to Daniel Potts, page 230 - Images

1786 - Dobbs and Lenoir County Court Records, 1783-1794
Juror for Thomas Smith vs. John Garland - Witness: Stringer Potts.

1787 -
Richard Caswell 400 acres in Dobbs on the north side of Neuse River and east side of Atkins Branch adjacent to his own corner in Stringer Potts line, John Clarks line, Ives patent line, Lintons land, Owens corner, Carruthers corner, David Ramseys corner, Simon Brights line, William Wiggins patent line, Joshua Croom, Thomas Lewis patent line, Thomas Dicks patent line, Herritages line.

1788 - Stringer was on the Voter List for Dobbs County.

1803 - Inquisition of Robert Argo - "at the house of the deceased Robert Argo in the county aforesaid the day and year above written, before me Jeremiah Loftin Coronor, of the said county upon view of the Body of Robert Argo of the county aforesaid, then and there lying dead and upon the oaths of foreman Stringer Potts, others..." Images 1 & 2

Lenoir County Record Book, 1738-1866 - NC Archives
1 May 1806 - John Gatlin and his wife Susanna of Lenoir to William Lovick of Lenoir - 262 pounds - sell 2 parcels granted to Richard Caswell - NS Neuse, ES Adkins Branch adj Stringer Potts, Benajah White, Thomas Dick's patent line now John Washington's line, William White - 66 acres; another tract starting at Dick's third corner, Low's corner now White's corner, Thomas Dick - 65 acres. Images

Onslow County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
July 1806 - (Deed) From John Spicer to Stringer Potts acknowledged in Court. Deed not found.

February 1808 - Stringer Potts to John E. Spicer, both of Onslow - $100 - 450a in Onslow - south side New River part of land Stringer purchased of said Spicer having deeded two thirds of the first bargained lands bought of said Spicer to Thos. Collier and William Croom of Lenoir County. - Image.

Onslow County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
July 1808 - From Stringer Potts to John E. Spicer proved in Court by Daniel Nixon.

Book 23, Lenoir County Grantor Deed Index, 1805-1810
Stringer Potts to Croom Collier, page 465. Deed burned.

26 January 1808 - Indenture - Thomas Collier of Jefferson Co, Georgia to William Croom of Lenoir Co - 250 pds - adj Walter Dunn, Reedy Branch - 50 acres purchased of Stringer Potts seat'd and patent'd by Francis Stringer. - Image.

Lovit Hines Collection - NC Archives

2 October 1817 - Indenture - Willie J. Croom of Lenoir to William Croom of Kinston - $11,000 - NS Neuse, Atkins Branch being land conveyed by William White and wife to William and Hardee Croom executors of Richard C. Croom for the benefit of the heirs of sd Richard Croom and in partition allotted to the said Willie J. Croom beginning at the mouth of Cypress gut some distance below a Sein Beach called the Blue Banks and running up courses of the river to mouth of Adkins Branch, to line formerly owned by Jesse Cobb and John Washington known as Atkins upper tract adj patent of Robert Atkins, beginning corner of 300 acre patent of Richard Caswell, Cole's Branch, corner of Stringer Potts formerly owned by Francis Stringer now William Crooms, to a field formerly Pleasant Potts, line of Robert Hays patent, corner Francis Stringer's 640 patent, to Gov. Caswell's land described in his will as Dosiers corner and down line willed by Caswell to Shine Caswell, land said White bought of John Coart to the Flat Branch, near the field called Coarts field, flat land and hillside to a small branch that runs through Keelings old field. - all houses, buildings and gardens.
Willie J. Croom
Wit: H. B. Croom - Images

Stringer Potts had two known sons: Daniel and Robert who migrated to Rutherford and Williamson counties, Tennessee. Daniel is in the 1810 census for Rutherford County and Robert appears in the 1820 census for Williamson County. Although they lived in different counties, they were neighbors on each side of the county line. Robert moved on to Illinois and Arkansas.