Potts and Dunns of Craven,
Lenoir, Onslow and Wayne Counties, NC

This website is dedicated to my ancestor Miss Charity Potts of Lenoir County, NC who had three children between 1819-1832: Newman, Hannah and Lucius Potts.

Charity Potts, Lenoir
      Newman Potts, Lenoir-Wayne
              Charity Potts (1847-1847)
              Mary Caroline Potts (1848-1933)
              William Potts (1850-1924)
              Susan Marinda Potts (1852-1920)
              Newman Potts Jr. (1854-1918)
              Hannah Mariah Potts (1856-1931)
              Lucius (1858-1926)
              Cynthia Ann Potts (1860-1940)
              Urban Potts (1862-1936)
              John Potts (1865-1883)
              Julia Elizabeth Potts (1867-1887)
              Minnie Charity Potts (1872-1923)
              Robert Henry Potts (1876-1900)
                   Potts Family Cemetery, Wayne
                   Jones Family Cemetery, Wayne
      Hannah Potts Laroque, Lenoir
      Lucius Potts, Lenoir-Jones

Dunn Families
           Dunn Family Cemetery
           Tombstone Images

Robert Potts Families

Unknown Potts Families

Dr. Francis Stringer
Lenoir Co, NC History
County Formations

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