Selathiel Potts Family in the Census
(b. 1776-1794; d. after 1840)
Lenoir-Onslow County, NC

Selathiel Potts Family in the Census

In the 1800 Lenoir census Pleasant Potts had one male age 10-15 and one male 16-25. Stringer Potts two males 10-15 and son Robert would have been 18 y/o and out of the home.

Selathiel and Francis Potts are shown together as Privates in War of 1812 vouchers along with Lewis Faulkner.

NC Archives - Military Collection - War of 1812
Muster Rolls, Detached Militia of North Carolina
In the United States Service, 1813 - Box 2 - NC Archives

Muster Rolls of the Detached Militia
of North Carolina in service in AD 1813 - Vol. 2nd

Muster Roll of the Detached Militia commanded by Lieutenant Nathan Bird of Lenoir County in AD 1813.

44 Potts Salathiel - do - do - do - do - 26 do

Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of the War of 1812 Detached Militia of North Carolina 1812-1814 by Maurice S. Toler. (#57 Selathiel Potts)

War of 1812 Vouchers - State Department of Archives and History
by Maurice S. Toler, Archivist II

Lewis Falkner, Pvt., Lenoir
Francis Potts, Pvt., Lenoir
Selathiel Potts, Pvt., Lenoir

North Carolina Military Muster Rolls
1812 & 1814
Editor Ronald Vern Jackson et al

Lewis Falkner, Lenoir Reg., NC, Fifth Company
Selathiel Potts, Lenoir Reg., NC, Fifth Company

Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers

Salathiel & Elizabeth Bender Potts Petition, 1834 - Onslow County

Book 28, Lenoir County - 1833 - December 1838
Selathial & Wife Potts to Thomas Hood, page 98

1810 Onslow County Census
Bender, Martin
4 free white males under 10
1 free white male 26-44
1 free white female under 10
2 free white females 10-15
1 free white female 26-44

1820 Lenoir County Census
Benders, Marten
3 free white males under 10
1 free white male 16-25
1 free white male 45 and over
1 free white female under 10
3 free white females 16-25
2 free white females 26-44

From the records of Verena Bender Hekman

Martin Bender and Ann Koonce Bender moved to Lenoir County N.C. from Onslow County, N.C. about 1815-1819. They both died in Lenoir County, N.C. about 1834. Their children:

1st & 2nd Daughters born Abt 1780-1800

3rd William Bender born Abt 1800 in N.C. He married Debaugh Creech in N.C. They moved to Indiana

4th Daughter Elizabeth Bender born Abt 1800-1804. She married Salathiel Potts, in N.C.

5th & 6th Sons born Abt 1800-1810

7th Loftin Bender born Abt 1810

8th Ivy Koonce Bender born about 1812. He married Caledonia Franklin in Bartholomew Co. Indiana on 17 Nov 1841. They moved to Kansas, and on to Texas. Ivy died 1890-1900, may be buried in Mejix, Limestone Co. TX. Caledonia died May 1907, she is buried in DeLeon, Comanche Co. TX

9th Henry Bender born 1815. He married Salley Venters - moved to Iowa, Missouri and Kansas

10. Nancy Bender born Abt 1815-1820. She married Herring Creech in N.C.

11. Augustus Bender born Abt 1815-1820. He married Clarissa. He died 7 April 1857, in Buchanan Co. Missouri

12. Amanda Bender. She married 1st to Mr. Kavanaugh in Indiana

Bender Family, Onslow-Lenoir County, NC