Newman Potts Jr., 1854-1918
Wayne County, NC

Newman Potts Jr. and wife Mary Abstella Fields
Thought to be their wedding photo
Contributed by Iola Marshburn Potts

Newman Potts Jr. wedding photo

Newman and Mary Fields Potts

Newman lost an eye to cancer and it is said it was removed at Johns Hopkins

Newman Jr. was the son of Newman Potts Sr. and wife Susan Marinda Lewis of Brogden Township. Mary Abstella was the daughter of James Addison Fields and wife Sarah McKinne. Addison Fields, his mother and siblings moved to Wayne County from neighboring Greene by 1852. They were neighbors of the Newman Potts Sr. family.

Newman Jr. was born February 9, 1854 and died August 26, 1918. Mary A. Fields was born March 8, 1862 and died March 20, 1950.

Bible Entry - This Certifies That the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between Newman Potts of Wayne County and Mary A. Fields of Wayne County on the 29th day of January 1879 at J.A. Fields by Benit Fields, Minister (brother of J.A. Fields). Family Bible Record

Newman and Mary had 17 children between 1880 and 1907. Eleven survived to adulthood to produce 50 granchildren.

Sons of Newman and Mary Potts
Back L-R: Jasper, Newman, David, George
Front L-R: Henry, Edward, Luther, Theodore

1900 Wayne County, NC Census
Newman Potts age 45, head of household
Dudley, NC
Race white, gender male, married
Spouse Marey A. Potts age 37
Marriage year 1875
Father and mother's birthplace North Carolina
Can read and write
Ida Potts age 20
Jasper M. Potts age 17
Albertia C. Potts age 12
Newman Potts age 11
David Potts age 9
George Potts age 7
Mary Potts age 2
James H. Potts age 1

It is said the following photos were taken on Mary Potts' 90th birthday.
Her tombstone indicates she was 88 years old at her death.
Mary Potts [seated] Birthday Family Gathering
L-R Jasper, Newman, Edward, David, Luther, Henry, Theodore
[Son George had died from cancer and is buried in Potts Cemetery]

Mary Potts [seated] and daughters L-R Mary Percise, Ida Crocker, Birdie Grady

Mary Potts [seated] and L-R Unknown woman and baby, Birdie Grady

Newman made this spinning wheel for wife Mary

Newman and Mary Potts Deeds

Aug 8 1878 - Goldsboro Messenger
Wayne County Board of Magistrates met to elect a Board of county commissioners. The Board proceeded to appoint Registrars and Judges of election for the Congressional election to be held in November and following were appointed:
Brogden Township, Dudley Precinct
Eli Hines, Registrar
Robt. O'Berry Jr.
Newman Potts Jr.
J. R. Moore
Chas. Winn, judges of election

Sep 25 1879 - Goldsboro Messenger
Court Calendar - The following is a list of the cases set for trial in the Superior Court of Wayne County which convenes on Monday the 6th day of October, 1879:
Second Friday - No. 43 - Newman Potts vs. W. P. Hall, etal.

Dec 14 1885 - Goldsboro Messenger
Proceedings of the Board of Education of Wayne County
Goldsboro, Dec. 7, 1885
On motion, Newman Potts is appointed a committeeman of said District to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Moses E. Britt.

Oct 13 1892 - Daily Journal New Bern
The Baptist Association at ten o'clock yesterday morning the delegates to the Atlantic Association and a number of visitors re-assembled in the Baptist Church. After a half hours devotional exercises, which were led by Rev. C. J. Nelson of Goldsboro, the work of the Association was resumed. Standing committees for the incoming year were appointed by the moderator, Rev. J. T. Albritton as follows: Home missions, Rev. D. McLeod, Beaufort; R. A. Riggs, Pollocksville; Newman Potts, Emmaus Church, Wayne County.

This original Emmaus Baptist Church was destroyed by high winds around 1920
Mary is second from left, her father James Addison Fields second from right and Newman third from right

Jan 21 1897 - Goldsboro Headlight
Superior Court convened with Judge Adams presiding. The following constituted the grand jury for the term: Newman Potts, others

Apr 8 1897 - Goldsboro Headlight
County Commissioners Meeting met in regular session Monday with all members present. Tax listers were appointed for Brogden, Newman Potts, others

Well bucket possibly belonged to Newman and Mary

May 26 1900 - Daily Free Press Kinston
Census Enumberators for Greene, Lenoir and Wayne
Wayne County - Newman Potts, Dudley

Jul 5 1900 - Goldsboro Headlight
County Board of Elections - The regular meeting of the Board of Elections was held in the city Saturday. They appointed pollholders as follows:
Dudley, W.J. Grady and Newman Potts

A Jones family historian, Jennie Jones King, wrote about Newman and his brother-in-law and neighbor, John Franklin Fields, who married Cynthia Ann Potts. "Uncle Newman Potts and uncle John Fields were always feuding, and finally each fenced his own land, which left a lane between the two farms, this became known as the 'Devil Lane'. If I ever heard what started the feud I have forgotten. I believe they buried the hatchet before uncle John sold his land and moved to Utah, a few years after mother did."

Wayne County Superior Court Minute Docket, 1900-1903

April 16, 1901 - Newman ordered to pay fine of $40

April 18, 1901 - Former judgment is ordered stricken out

No other documentation.

Newman and Mary Abstella and seven of their children are buried in Potts Cemetery located off Potts Road on Willard Drive.