Newman Dunn
Virginia to Craven County, NC

Newman Dunn married Miss Carey, the daughter of Thomas Carey, Mt. Pleasant, Dobbs County, NC in 1735. North Carolina Wills by Alexander Martin - [It's likely the marriage occurred in Craven County per Mt. Pleastant deed.] Martha Dunn was Newman's estate Administratrix, bond filed 8 Oct 1762.

Colonial Records of North Carolina

Roster of the field officers in Craven County - No Author - 1756 - Volume 22, Pages 316-317 - A list of the Field Officers, Captains and Subalterns in the Regiment of Craven, with the Date of their Commissions, and the Number of Men in each Company, including Officers; which List, when compleat, is to be returned to His Excellency, the Governor: Lt. Newman Dunn

Muster roll for Arthur Johnston's company of the Craven County Militia - No Author - March 05, 1757 - Volume 22, Pages 392-393 - The List of the Company warn’d to the private Muster under Capt. Arthur Johnston the 5th Day of March, 1757, and warn’d to the General Muster April the 19th, 1757. Newman & William Dunn

It is believed William and Ann Dunn of Virginia had other sons of who settled in Craven County, NC along with Newman as land grants were issued there from 1745-1757 to Daniel, David, John and Newman Dunn.

Locations of early Dunns in Craven County, NC according land grants and deeds mentioning Little Swift, Cypress, Northwest and Brice Creeks. Other locations are "North" and "South" of the Neuse River.

Dunn Deeds, Estates and Wills in Craven County

Dunn Craven County Court Records, 1745-1758

Newman Dunn Will in Westmoreland County, Virginia, 1761 - assuming this is the same one from Craven County. Was the Ann Anderson in this record his sister Ann and Newman was visiting her family when he became ill and died there?

Newman Dunn died before 26 Jan 1762, age about 48, and left minor children William, John, Mary, Walter (Sr.), Newman and Ann. Martha Dunn was his Admin'x. She married Caleb Poyner before 1766. Newman, John and Mary were bound to a William Dunn. Walter (Sr.) was bound to John Miller, his age 12 years. Ann was bound to a John Dunn. The men the children were bound to were likely brothers of Newman.

Estate Division, 1764 - Division of the Estate of Newman Dunn Dec'd & John Dunn Guardian of Ann Dunn his Admn. Settled. - Images - Ann's name is also found in her uncle's 1777 Estate record - Image

January 1768 - The Inventory of the Goods and Chattels of Newman Dunn Dec'd Registered in Book No. 3, Page 256.

Walter Dunn (Sr.) in the estate papers of Newman Dunn was father of Walter Dunn Jr. (1788-1850) of Lenoir County. By 1780 Walter (Sr.) had migrated with his family from Craven to Lenoir County and does not appear in the 1830 census.