B.F. & Mary Murphy Deed to Newman Potts, 1883

Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds, Goldsboro, NC - 150 acres

This deed made the 3rd day of December A.D. 1883, by B F Murphy & wife Mary O Murphy parties of the first part to Newman Potts party of the second part all of Wayne County North Carolina, Witnesseth, that the said B F Murphy & wife Mary O Murphy for and in consideration of three thousand three hundred and seventy five dollars, paid, have bargained and sold and by these presents do bargain, sell and convey unto said Newman Potts and his heirs a certain tract or parcel of land in said county lying about one fourth of a mile east of Stoney creek, adjoining the lands of J J Casey on the south, the said Casey's, M O Murphy's on the west, William Daniels on the north and said Mary O Murphy's on the east bounded as follows, beginning at a stake in the White Hall road, said Casey's corner where said turns east going from Goldsboro and runs south 501/2 east 93 poles to a stake, thence No 381/2 east 2581/4 poles to a stake; thence north 501/2 west 93 poles to a stake thence south 381/2 west 2581/4 poles to the beginning containing one hundred and fifty acres. To have and to hold said tract or parcel of land unto him the said Newman Potts and his heirs. And the said B F Murphey & wife Mary O Murphey for themselves and their heirs covenant and agree to warrant and defend the title to said tract of land unto said Potts and his heirs against the claims of all persons whatsoever.
In witness whereof the said B F Murphey & wife Mary O Murphey have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year above written.
B F Murphy {Seal}
M O Murphy {Seal}

North Carolina
Wayne County
I, A T Grady, CSC do hereby certify that B F Murphey and M O Murphey his wife personally appeared before me this day and acknowledged the deed registered