Jesse Potts Sr.
Prince George County, VA
Cumberland County, North Carolina
md 1st Ann Charles of Virginia
2nd Nancy or Ann Sterling, Cumberland County

Jesse was living in Cumberland County when Francis & Drury Ann Potts moved there sometime after the Lenoir County 1810 census. The census shows Francis' age was 16-26. There are no deeds between Jesse and Francis' family so a relation is difficult to make between the two families.

HeritageQuest - Information from Pension Record of Jesse Potts Revolutionary War Soldier filed in Gadsden County, Florida.

Jesse Potts was born in the State of Virginia, Prince George County Oct 4th 1754, and was the son of Francis Potts.

He served three years and three months in the North Caolina Line as Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General under Colonel Nicholas Long, Deputy Quartermaster General of the Southern Department. He was severely wounded on the head and in the face during his service. The place of his enlistment in North Carolina and the date of enlistment are not given. He applied for pension October 15, 1828, while a resident of Gadsden County, Florida Territory. His claim was allowed.

He died May 20, 1837, on Rocky Hill, Gadsden County, Florida Territory.

Jesse Potts married September 4th 1803, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Nancy or Ann Sterling. They had the following children: Jesse F., Martha W. Beach, Emily F. Roberts, Thomas S., and Margaret Ann Austin.

Nancy or Ann, widow of the soldier, married in March, 1840 or May 6, 1840 to Daniel L. Kenan, who died October 12 or 13, 1840. She died July 9, 1851.

Margaret Ann Austin, daughter of the soldier, was dead in 1853 and was survived by Margaret Ann Austin who was referred to as "her minor heir".

Potts Marriages, Cumberland

Potts in Early Virginia

1790 Federal Census - Cumberland Co, NC
Jesse Potts
1 free white males 16 and over
2 free white females
9 slaves

1800 Federal Census - Cumberland Co, NC
Jesse Potts
1 free white males 45 and over
1 free white females
5 slaves
1 household member under 16
1 household member over 25

1810 Federal Census - Cumberland Co, NC
2 free white males under 10
1 free white male 45 and over
2 free white females under 10
1 free white females 10-15
2 free white females 16-25
4 slaves
5 household members under 16
1 household member over 25

Abstracts of Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Cumberland Co, NC
April 1779-January 1791 - Volume 11

27 Jul 1786 - Dolphin Davis & Jesse Potts elected by a majority to be inspectors of tobacco for the ensuing year, securities: John Ingram and Robert Rowan.

24 Apr 1787 - Lease: Mark Russel to McNicoll and Davis proved by Jesse Potts.

25 Jul 1787 - Dolphin Davis & Jesse Potts appointed inspectors of tobacco for the ensuing year; securities: Robt. Rowan & J. Ingram; bond.

31 Jul 1788 - Jesse Potts & Alexr. Campbell elected inspectors of tobacco for the ensuing year, Jesse Potts giving Robt. Rowan & John Ingram as securities, and Alexr. Campbell giving James Campbell as security.

30 Jul 1789 - Jesse Potts appointed inspector of tobacco, gave bond with James Moore & John Ingram as securities.

29 Jan 1790 - Deed: Thomas Armstrong to Jesse Potts ackd.

27 Jul 1790 - Jesse Potts elected Inspector of Tobacco for the ensuing year, giving Geo. Blocker & John Blocker as securities.

Fayetteville Gazette, March 12, 1793
At a late meeting of the inhabitants of this town, the following gentlemen were elected Town Officers for the ensuing year, viz.
Magistrate of Police - Col. James Porterfield
Commissioners: Robert Rowan, Jesse Potts, James Dick, John Winslow, David Anderson, John Sibley

Will Abstracts, Cumberland Co, NC, 1754-1863
by Kate James Lepine

Thomas, John
23 Jan 1790/ NPDF
Executors: Jesse Potts, William Vann.

Howard, Edward, planter
13 Feb 1793/ Apr 1793
Executors: Stephen Howard, John Black & Jesse Potts.

Peacock, Jesse
29 Sep 1796/ NPDF
Executors: friends Jesse Potts & John Dickson.

Russell, William, Sr. (of Lower Fayetteville)
22 Mar 1823/ NPDF
Witnesses: Fount Lain, Samuel Pearce, Jesse Potts Junr.

Campbell, Alexander (of Lower Fayetteville)
3 Jan 1824/ Jan 1824
Owed money to Jesse Potts, Senr.
Witness: Jesse Potts Senr., Gilbert Eccles, E.D.W. McKay

Raleigh Register Sept. 19, 1803
Married in Fayetteville, Jesse Potts, Tobacco Inspector, to Nancy Starling, Sept. 4, Fayetteville

Cumberland County, NC - Register of Deeds, Bk 22, p. 91

1 Oct 1804 - Jesse Potts deed to Harry Potts a free man of color - $30 - lot in Fayetteville, lot known as #15 the remainder of said lot not sold to John Thomas - beginning at Thomas west corner with all houses, fences and improvements. Witnesses John Eccles Jnr and Gilbert Eccles.
January Term, 1806, deed executed. Image

Abstracts of Vital Records from Raleigh, NC Newspapers 1799-1819 by Lois Smathers Neal
Married at Fayetteville a few days ago Wm. Hugh Williams Esq. Attorney at law to Miss Nancy Potts daughter of Jesse Potts Esq. RR Thurs 29 Nov 1804.

Bastards, Bound Children & Guardians, Cumberland Co, NC 1791-1818
by Carolyn Gibbons

19 Jan 1805 - Certificate under hand of David Williams Esq Justice of the Peace of New Hanover Co certifying he hath taken examination of Mrs. Lucy Cutlar wife of Archibald Cutlar relative to her voluntary assent in signing deed of conveyance with her husband for a lot in Town of Fayetteville to Jesse Potts. Ordered to be recorded.

12 Jul 1805 - Jesse Potts offered a Petition of the Court praying that his Negro Slave Harry be Emancipated in consideration of his many faithful services & of his former diligence in the detection of fraud, dishonesty etc., which was accordingly admitted; ordered to give bonds to keep said Harry from being a charge to the County.

15 Mar 1808 - Jesse Potts renewed his bond as Inspector of Tobacco at Lower Fayetteville giving John Dickson & William Lord securities.

Cumberland Co, NC Taxables, 1777-1783, 1815, and 1767
by Dr. A. B. Pruitt

1815 - Jesse Potts - 0 poll, 3 slaves, 3 lots in Campbelton parts of Nos. 11, 12, 12 $400, 3 lots "same" Nos. 57, 58, 60 $30, lot 10 ac near Cross Cr $30, lot tobacco warehouse owned by Potts & Lord $500, 100 ac sand hills near Rockfish [Cr] $50, 1 retail store

Harry Potts - 0 polls, 1 slave, lot dwelling in Campbelton $200

Abstracts of Vital Records from Raleigh, NC Newspapers 1799-1819 by Lois Smathers Neal
Married in Fayetteville on the 5th inst., Mr. John Weisiger to Miss Mary Potts daughter of Jesse Potts of that place. RR Fri 28 May. Marriage Bond: Cumberland County, J.W. ____ 5 May 1819; G.W. Bricken, (w) Jno Armstrong, Clk. Married 6 May 1819 by Nicholas Talley, E.M.E.C.

Cumberland Co, NC Bastards, Guardians & Other Genealogical Abstracts, 1819-1822
by Carolyn N. Gibbons

6 Mar 1820 - Licensed to retail Spirituous Liquour by the small measure granted to the following:
Jesse Potts at his home Campbellton.

5 Mar 1821 - Licensed to retail Spirituous Liquour by the small measure granted to the following:
Jesse Potts, Campbellton.

Cumberland County Court Minutes

9 Jun 1821 - David Ochiltree Esqr with Jesse Potts, Charles McAlister and Waddle Cade freeholders appointed commissioners to lay off for Mrs. Treecy Jones, the widow of Lovick Jones one years provision and report to next term.

Cumberland Co, NC Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1823-1825
by Carolyn N. Gibbons

3 Mar 1823 - Licensed to retail Spirituous Liquour by the small measure granted to the following:
Jesse Potts, Lower Fayetteville.

12 Apr 1823 - Last Will & Testament of William Russell Sr., dec'd proven by Jesse Potts Jr., a subscribing witness thereto & ordered to be recorded. Alexander Campbell, one of Exrs, qualified; ordered that Letters Testamentary be issued. Jesse Potts the other Exr mentioned in will renounced his right.

4 Jun 1823 - Gilbert Eccles Inspector of Tobacco renewed his Bond with Jesse Potts & William Lord Securities.

4 Jun 1823 - Jesse Potts Inspector of Tobacco renewed his Bond with Gilbert Eccles & William Lord Securities.

1 Mar 1824 - License to retail Spirituous Liquours by the small measure granted to following:
Jesse Potts, his shop, Lower Fayetteville.

12 Jun 1824 - Emancipation (or so intended) - William Lord for his Slave named Jude by Jesse Potts.

9 Dec 1824 - Neill Beard Adm cum tes &c of William Russell dec'd vs. William L. McNeill Exr of Alexander Campbell. This case comes upon Petition & Answer & vouchers, inventories & exhibits; upon investigation, it appears that the sum of $756 of Estate of William Russell dec'd came into possession of Alexander Campbell his Exr & that after his death the same came into the possession of William L. McNeill Exr of Alexancer Campbell dec'd. It also appears that Defendant is entitled to following credits for disbursements & commissions: Paid Jesse Potts, $15.

9 Jun 1825 - Court made the following allowances:
Gurdon Deming & Jesse F. Potts witness Superior Court State vs. James Seawell & his associates, $5.10 each.

9 Jun 1825 - License to retail Spirituous Liquours by the small measure granted to: Jesse Potts, Lower Fayetteville.

Fayetteville Weekly Observer (Fayetteville, North Carolina) Sept 8, 1825
Married in Lower Fayetteville, on the 25th ult. by Benjmain Robinson, Esq., Mr. John N. Hardgrove, of Manchester, Va. to Miss Emily Potts, daughter of Mr. Jesse Potts, of the former place.

Fayetteville, NC Weekly Observer, Sept 15, 1825
The subscriber intending shortly to move out of this State, gives notice to all persons who have any just demands against him, or against his son Jesse F. Potts, to bring them forward, and they shall be paid on application. J. Potts.

Abstracts of Vital Records, Part 2, Vol. III
Raleigh [NC] Newspapers 1830-1839

Died in Gadsen Co., Fla., on the 23d ult., Capt. Jesse Potts, formerly of Fayetteville, NC, in the 83d year of his age ... born in Prince George County, (Va), on the 4th Oct 1754. At the age of 21, he volunteered ... appointed Deputy Quarter Master General, in which capacity he continued till the close of the war. While defending the Public Stores at Halifax, NC, he was cut down by one of Tarleton's dragoons ... received a full load of British powder in his face, which he has taken with him to the grave. RaSTDw Wed 21 Jun 1837.

Marrige & Death Notices, 1816-1840
Abstracted from the Fayetteville Observer & Predecessor Papers
by Bessie R. Hubbard

14 Jun 1837 - Died in Gasden Co, Fla., on the 23rd, Capt. Jesse Potts, formerly of Fayetteville, in his 83rd year.

Marriages & Death Notices
Abstracted from Fayetteville Observer, 1851-1865
by Myrtle N. Bridges

20 Jun 1859 - Died in Charlotte at the residence of her son-in-law, W. A. Lucas, on the evening of the 11th inst., in the 74th year of her age, Mrs. Ann Charles Williams, widow of the late Wm. Hugh Williams, and only daughter of the late Jesse Potts (formerly of Fayetteville) and his first wife, Ann Charles of Virginia.