Sue M. LaRoque Letter to Mary Potts Jones, 1868

Contributed by Ouida Allison

March 30, 1868 - Kinston NC

Dear Mary,

I will take the priviledge of writing to you although I have never seen you. I love you as a relative. I have heard aunt Hannah speak of you and I thought I would write to you and I would be very glad to have you to write to me.

Aunt Hannah wrote to your father some time ago and has never received a line from him and she is very anxious to know the reason he does not write. Aunt Hannah says she brought away some of yours and your sisters cards that you got from school and she thought you would want them so I will send them for her. There is no news of any proclaim at this present time.

We once thought we would be in the hands of the Yankees but they went back again and I donít think they will come again. Our own soldiers is about to eat some of the peoples horses here but they donít bother us. The ladies about here donít wear anything new but homespun to church or anywhere else.

You must come and stay with me some, we would be very glad to have you come. Aunt Hannah sends her love to all of the family and wishes to see you very much. You must answer my letter as soon as you get it. If you would come, we could meet at Kinston any time.

Give my best respects to all of the family and receive a large portion for yourself. Write soon to Sue M. LaRoque.


Sue M. LaRoque was the daughter of Dr. Frederick & Mary Elizabeth Dunn Laroque & Elizabeth was the daughter of Walter & Cynthia Dunn. Mary Caroline Potts Jones of Wayne County who received this letter was the sister of Newman Potts (1819-1884). Hannah in the letter was sister of Newman Potts. Contributed by Ouida Allison.