Lewis & Lucy Potts Faulkner
(b. before 1784)
Lenoir Co, NC

Lenoir County, NC 1810 Census
Falkner, Lewis
1 free white male 26-44
1 free white female under 10
1 free white female 26-44

Neighbors: Jacob Parrot, Fras Kilpatrick, Wm Vause Senr, James Falkner, Joseph Bruton, Azaiah Moore, Richd Moore, Fredk Witherington, Simon Parrot, John Powell, James Potts, Benj Ferguson, Thomas Harvey, Charles Tull, Wm Jones, Wm Falkner, Lewis Jones, Crispin Bond, Walter Jackson.

In the 1800 Lenoir census Pleasant Potts had one female under 10, one female 10-15. Stringer Potts had two females under 10, two females 10-15, one female 16-25 one 26-44. In the 1790 census, Stringer had two females ages not given.

Lovit Hines Collection - NC Archives
11 June 1816 - This Indenture made this the eleventh day of June, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen between Louis Falkner and his wife Lucy of the county of Lenoir and state of North Carolina on the one part and William Croom of the same county and state & of the town of Kinston on the other part, witnesseth that the said Louis Falkner and his wife Lucy for and in consideration of the sum of twenty two dollars to me in hand paid by the said William Croom the receipt whereof is hereby fully acknowledged, have therefore bargained and sold and we the said Louis Falkner and wife Lucy do hererby bargain and sell assign and set over unto him the said William Croom, his heirs or assigns our undivided part or share of the land on Which Pleasant Potts lived (it being one seventh part of said land and estimated at four acres and three fourths, more or less), and bounded as follows, beginning at a pine in a pond a corner of a patent granted to Doctor F. Stringer for 640 acres and running with the reverse of that line fifty poles to Shadrack Loftins line, then west with said Loftins line -- poles to William Whites line and then to the beginning containing thirty two acres and a half more or less. To have and to hold the aforesaid one seventy undivided part of the aforesaid land and premises unto the said William Croom his heirs and assigns forever in fee simple. And we the said Louis Falkner and Lucy his wife do hereby convenant and agree to forever warrant and defend the lawful title of said land hereby bargained and sold to him the said William Croom his heirs and assigns and from us our heirs Excr's and Adm'rs and from the claim of all and every other person or persons whatsoever. In witness whereof we have hereunto set out hands and seals the day and date above written.
Lewis (his x mark) Faulkner {Seal}
Lucy Faulkner {Seal}
Witnesses: Geo. P. Lovick and F.G. George - Images

In 1821 Walter Dunn bought at auction two parcels of land, one belonging to Ridden or Redden Faulkner and one belonging to Lewis Faulkner and property was refered to as belonging to William Faulkner dec'd.

1830 Lenoir County Census
Faulkner, Lucy (Potts)
1 free white male 10-14
1 free white male 20-29
1 Free white female under 5
1 free white female 15-19
1 free white female 20-29
1 free white female 40-49

Neighbors: Dallam Caswell, William B. West, Jeremiah Hawkins, Winston Andrews, William R Batton, Edward Hart, Mary Taylor, Henry Chambelin, Josiah Richards, Walter P. Allen, Reuben Knox, Charlotte Potts, Phelic? Pearce, John Andrews, William B. Munchy, John Washington, Richard Croom, Elizabeth Croom, James Croom, James L. Green, John L. Aldridge, Nancy Hallow, John Ingram.

Lucy is not in the 1840 Lenoir County Census so she may have remarried or died before then.

Muster Rolls - Soldiers of the War of 1812 Detached Militia of NC, 1812-1814
by Maurice S. Toler. (#28 Lewis Falkner)

War of 1812 Vouchers - State Department of Archives and History
by Maurice S. Toler, Archivist II

Lewis Falkner, Pvt., Lenoir
Francis Potts, Pvt., Lenoir
Selathiel Potts, Pvt., Lenoir

North Carolina Military Muster Rolls
1812 & 1814
Editor Ronald Vern Jackson et al

Lewis Falkner, Lenoir Reg., NC, Fifth Company
Selathiel Potts, Lenoir Reg., NC, Fifth Company

Lenoir County Record Book, 1738-1866, NC Archives

Sheriff to Walter Dunn, 1821
Deed of Sale for 33 1/3 acres land

This indenture made this 13th day of Jany. in the year of our Lord 1821 between Lewis Bryan Esq. Sheriff for the county of Lenoir and successor in office of Lazarus Perce late Sheriff for the county aforesaid on the one part; and Walter Dunn Esqr. of the same county on the other part. Whereas by virtue of an execution issueing from the Clerk of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for Lenoir County amounting together with the cost thereon to the sum of thirty dollars 88/100 which said sum was recovered by John Washington against Lewis Faulkner as the record of said land may appear. And whereas the said execution was executed and delivered to the said Lazarus Perce late Sheriff as aforesaid commanding them that of the goods and chattels lands & tenements of the said Lewis Faulkner he should cause to be made the aforesaid sum of thirty dollars 88/100 to satisfy the said execution with the cost therein; and the said Lazarus Perce late Sheriff aforesaid in pursuance & by virtue of his office & the aforesaid execution did seize & take into his hands & custody (no good & chattels to be found) a certain piece or parcel of land situate lying & being in the county of Lenoir adjoining Fredrk Baker's, Daniel Powell's & others lands which according to the division of the lands of William Faulkner dec'd is bounded as follows: beginning at a pine near the road, course to strike the third line of said land, course to strike the fourth line of said land, from the fourth corner including the place where Mrs. Faulkner's line at the time of the division of said lands.

And the said Lazarus Perce late Sheriff as aforesaid after due advertisements according to law did cause the said piece or parcel of land with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging to be put up at public sale to the highest bidder on the 7th day of Jany. 1811 at the court house in Kinston at which time & place the aforesaid Walter Dunn became the last & highest bidder at the sum of thirty one dollars & 35/100 for the said lands.
Lew. Bryan Shff (Seal)
Signed sealed & delivered in presence of
D. Caswell
Winston Andrews

State of No. Carolina - Lenoir County, April Court 1821
Then was the foregoing deed of sale duly proved in open court by the oath of Winston Andrews & ordered to be registered.
C. Westbrook, C.C.

Enrolled in the Registers Office of Lenoir County the 17th day of April 1821.
D. Caswell, Reg.

Lenoir County Record Book, 1738-1866, NC Archives

Lease of Walter Dunn Sr. to Walter Dunn Jr., 1821

Know all men by these presents that I Walter Dunn Senr. of Lenoir County & State of No. Carolina have leased & let unto Walter Dunn Junr. of the same county and state a certain piece of land (called the Redden & Lewis Faulkner lands) for the space of five years for and in consideration of the sum of ten dollars per annum to him in hand paid by the said Walter Dunn Junr., and that he the said Walter Dunn Senr. will warrant and defend the title and privileges of the aforesaid premises with all houses buildings and appurtenances there unto belonging or in anywise appertaining to the same, free and clear of and from all manner of incumberances whatsoever. In witness whereof the said Walter Dunn Senr. has here unto set his hand and seal this 4 day of July 1821.
Walter Dunn (Seal)
Assign Seal and acknowledge in presence of
D. Caswell & Wm. Phillips