Charlotte (Charity?) Potts
(b. between 1791-1800)
Lenoir County, NC

Lenoir County, NC 1830 Census - Page 53
Potts, Charlotte
1 free white male under 5
1 free white female 5-9
1 free white female 20-29
1 free white female 30-39

Neighbor: Lucy Faulkner, daughter of Pleasant Potts.

In the 1800 Lenoir census Pleasant Potts had one female under 10, one female 10-15. Stringer Potts had two females under 10, two females 10-15, one female 16-25 one 26-44. In the 1790 census, Stringer had two females ages not given.

It's possible Charlotte and Charity Potts are the same and Charity was a nickname. If this was Charity, the daughter in this 1830 census would have been Hannah whose age was 9 and Charity's age 30-39. Son Newman was born in 1819 and could have already been bound out to another family and son Lucius wasn't born until 1832. The other female in the home may have had the son under 5.