William & Willie Casey Potts Family Photos
Wayne County, NC

Willie Whitted, Ester Potts, Ralph Raiford, Robert Raiford (on horse back) Cuzzie Potts,
Herbert Potts, Clyde Potts O'Berry, Sudie Potts Raiford, Willie Casey Potts, Bob Raiford,
William Potts,
Carrie Potts, Agnes Potts Whitted, Tom Whitted, Temesia Whitted
(child standing), Winnie Whitted (sitting in front)

Bonnie Holmes (left), Cuzzie Potts (middle) and Carrie Potts (right)

L-R: Joe Jones, Cuzzie Southerland, Willie Southerland, Eunice Dalton,
Clyde O'Berry, Unknown, Carrie Aycock

L-R: Clyde O'Berry, Cuzzie Southerland, Willie Southerland

Willie Southerland (center) was sister of John Needham Southerland.
My guess for the other two may be Carrie Potts Aycock
on left and no idea for the one on the right.