Urban Potts, 1862-1936
Wayne County, NC

Urban Potts September 7, 1862 - April 21, 1936
Photo contributed by Ouida Allison

Urban was the son of Newman and Susan Marinda Lewis Potts of Brogden towhship. He married Frances Lawhon and they had a son named Dewey Potts born May 24, 1898. Dewey married Lola Bell Potts, daughter of William and Willie Potts.

1884 - Newman Potts will: Lot No. 1 is assigned to Erban Potts in severalty, bounded as follows - to wit: beginning at a stake on the New Berne road, corner of Lot No. 2 & runs with the line of said lot S 64.50 W 33.42 chs to a pine - then N 19.51 E 41.37 chs to a bay on the run of poplar branch - then up the run of said branch about 1.50 chs to the mouth of Spring branch - then up the same as it meanders to a pine on the New Berne road at the head of said branch - then with said road as it meanders southwardly to the first station, containing sixty one (61) acres, valued at three hundred and seventy five dollars.

Urban went into the turpentine business and sold his inherited property January 27, 1889 while living in Bullock County, Georgia. At some point his brother Lucius and family joined him and lived in Georgia and Florida. A family story is Urban wanted everyone to go with him to Texas but no one wanted to go so perhaps that's about the time they went home.

A son of Newman Potts Jr., Jasper Monroe Potts, joined them and saved enough money to return home and buy a farm on the south side of Potts road around 1920. Jasper's wife was from Georgia.

Urban visiting cousins in Salt Lake City, Utah
Photo contributed by Kathleen Weiss

Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds
State of Georgia - Bullock County
January 27, 1889 – Deed – 61 acres - $410
Land inherited from his father Newman Potts - Images

Urban Potts of said state and county to Michael Alvin Emanuel - Adjoining the lands of Minnie Potts, the Collier place. Beginning at a stake in Goldsboro & Kenansville (formerly New Berne) road corner of lot No. 2 and runs with the line of said lot S 64.50 W 33.42 chains to a pine; then N 19.51 E 41.37 chs to a bay on the run of popular; then up the run of said branch 1.50 chains to the mouth of Wagner branch spring up the same as it meanders to a pine on the Goldsboro & Kenansville road at the head of said branch; then with road as it meanders southerly to the first station containing sixty one acres more or less. Also the crops that are produced on said land are responsible for each & every payment. Also the agreement is that the said Michael A. Emanuel is not to remove any timber only the waste timber where the land is to be cleared.
Wit: Saml. J. Williams
Attest: J.E.C. Tilman CC Bullock Co Geo

1894 - Urban Potts to Newman Potts, Power of Attorney

Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds
April 29, 1902
Deed - $20.50 - 5 acres
Land drawn from sister Julia E. Potts lands, 1889

Urban Potts to Joel S. Fields & wife Sarah L. Fields

Adjoining the lands of M. C. Fields and J. F. Fields and begins at a stake Cynthia Fields cor. and runs thence S 4 W 91 poles to a stake in the marsh Branch Kings corner, then N 72 W 8 2/5 poles to a stake, then N 4 E 83˝ poles to a stake in C. A. Fields line, then N 66 E 11 poles to the 1st station, containing 5 acres, valued at twenty five dollars.

Mildred Potts, granddaughter of Lucius Potts and daughter of John Henry Potts stated that "Urban sold out the turpentine business in Florida for $100,000 and moved to Warsaw, Duplin County, and bought the Pierce Place, an old plantation. Some lawyers in town ate away at his money and he died a poor man".

1920 Duplin County Census

Name: Urbane Potts
Age: 68
Birth Year: 1852
Birthplace: North Carolina
Home in 1920: Warsaw, Duplin, North Carolina
Street: Warsaw And Clinton Road
House Number: Farm
Race: White
GenderR: Male
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Father's Birthplace: North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace: North Carolina
Able to Speak English: Yes
Occupation: Farmer
Industry: General Farming
Employment Field: Own Account
Home Free or Mortgaged: Mortgaged

1924 - Urban Potts Letter to Mary Caroline Potts Jones

Duplin County, NC Register of Deeds
North Carolina, Duplin County

This Indenture made and entered into this the 8th day of June, A. D. 1925 by and between Urbane Potts, unmarried, of the County of Duplin and State of North Carolina, party of the first part, and Chickamauga Trust Company, Trustee, party of the second part, and the Prudential Insurance Company of America, party of the third part. Witnesseth that whereas Urbane Potts is indebted to said Prudential Insurance Company in the sum of fifteen thousand and no/dollars.

Two tracts of land in Faison Township
(1) 911 acres adj J. B. Hindes, Mill Branch, Badger Branch, Warsaw and Clinton public road, Gilbert Hill, Byrd Pond, Thomas B. Piercis, Bowden Station, Turkey Creek
(2) 240 acres adj Deep Bottom Branch, old C. J. Oates corner, A. D. Swinson, Mill Lane, Swinson’s corner, J. D. Swinson, old Matt Moore corner, G. W. Pridgen, N. H. Hodges

1930 Duplin County Census

Name: Urbane Potts
Age in 1930: 68
Birth Year: 1862
Gender: Male
Race: White
Birthplace: North Carolina
Marital Status: Widowed
Relation to Head of House: Head
Homemaker?: Yes
Street Address: Old Warsaw and Clinton road
House Number in Cities or Towns:
Dwelling Number: 61
Family Number: 61
Home Owned or Rented: Owned
Radio Set: No
Lives on Farm: Yes

Urban visiting with sister Minnie Charity Potts Lewis
Photo contributed by Ouida Allison

Urban is buried in Potts Cemetery located off Potts Road on Willard Drive.

After his death and his farm sold, the new owners found money hidden in the barns. It was enough for them to buy more property. This was told by someone who lived in the area.