Mary Caroline Potts Jones, 1848-1933
Wayne County, NC

Benjamin Bryant & Mary Caroline Potts Jones
Possible wedding photo
Photo contributed by Ouida Allison

Mary was the daughter of Newman Potts Sr. and wife Susan Marinda Lewis of Brogden Township. She married Benjamin Bryant Jones and they had three sons: Benjamin B. (1891-1892), Matthew M. (1881-1883), and Newman P. (1878-1898).

Mary, Ben and son Newman "Newey" Potts Jones

A special thanks to Ouida Allison, granddaughter of Minnie Charity Potts and William L. Lewis, for sharing her family information.

1898 - Newman Potts Jones and the Spanish-American War

Ben feeding his cows
Photo contributed by Ouida Allison

Ben and Mary Caroline Potts Jones Deeds

1868 - Sue Laroque Letter to Mary Potts Jones

1899 - William Potts Letter to Sister Mary Caroline Potts Jones

1900 - Not found in the Greene or Wayne County, NC Census

1905 - John Livingston Jones Letter to Aunt Mary Caroline Potts Jones

1906 - Susan Potts Jones Letter to Sister Mary Potts Jones

1923 - Jasper Monroe Letter to Aunt Mary Caroline Potts Jones

1924 - Urban Potts Letter to Mary Caroline Potts Jones

1927 - Theodore Potts Note to Aunt Mary Caroline Potts Jones for a Ford touring 1924 model

1927 - Benjamin Bryant Jones died in 1927

Mary moved to Deep Run, Lenoir County, to be with the family of her sister Minnie Charity Potts Lewis who had died in 1923. She lived there until her death in 1933. Jasper and Urban Potts' letters to her above show her address as Deep Run, where her sister's family lived.

1931 - Esther Potts and John Salmon Wilson Wedding Invitation

1932 - Fronia Jones Christmas Card to Aunt Mary Potts Jones

1933 - David Potts Letter to Aunt Mary Caroline Potts Jones

Mary died in 1933 leaving a will in Lenoir County and was brought back to Wayne County for burial.

Mary Caroline, husband and three sons are buried in Potts Cemetery.