Ben & Mary Caroline Potts Jones Deeds
Wayne County, NC

1884 - Newman Potts Estate: Lot No. 10 is assigned to Mary C Jones in severalty, bounded as follows, to wit - beginning at a large sweet gum in Wm F Patrick's line, to a stake in Patricks corner and Grady's corner to the first station, containing eighty & three fourths acres, valued at three hundred & seventy five dollars.

Register of Deeds - Wayne County - Goldsboro, NC
Bk 78, pg 43
Written and Recorded December 1, 1900

Michael A. and Ann Eliza Emanuel to B. B. Jones, $400 for 61 acres adjacent a stake in the Goldsboro and Kenansville Road, corner of Lot No. 2 in the division of the lands of Newman Potts, Poplar Branch, land deeded from Urban Potts to M. A. Emanuel in deed book 68, pg 226 (his Lot No. 1 from the division of lands of father Newman Potts.

"Uncle Ben and aunt Mary Jones, who left Wayne County several years before, sold their home in Greene County, and moved back. They bought the farm within a few miles of us knowing they were very dear to us, they thought they could influence the family and prevent us from going to Utah". Jennie Jones King

Register of Deeds - Wayne County - Goldsboro, NC
Bk 82, pg 446
Written December 22, 1902
Recorded December 23, 1902

B. B. Jones & wife Mary C. Jones to Sam Simmons, for $30, adjoining the lands of J. J. Fields - Begins at a stake corner of lot No. 6 in the division of Julia E. Potts land to a stake in J. F. Fields line to the first station containing six acres.

Register of Deeds - Wayne County - Goldsboro, NC
Bk 61, pg 245
Written December 22, 1904
Recorded January 1905

Mary's share from division of her father's lands. It was separate from the main tract and about a mile away.

B. B. Jones & wife Mary C. Jones his wife to S. C. Casey, adjoining Urban Roberts, Maria Smith - Beginning at a large sweet gun, the Kornegay corner in Wm. Patrick’s line to Maria Smith's corner, to Roberts corner to beginning containing 87 acres, more or less.