Lucius Potts, 1858-1926
Wayne County, NC

Lucius & Fannie Viola Brown Potts Family
Photo contributed by James Rufus Potts

Back row, l-r: Minnie, Jessie, Annie, Samuel
Middle row, l-r: Fannie, Lucius, Herman, Elizabeth, Fannie
Front row, Susan [in front of father]

Lucius was the son of Newman and Susan Marinda Lewis Potts of Brogden towhship. He married Frances Viola Brown on November 21, 1882. They had the following children:

John Henry (1884–1955), Jessie Thomas (1887–1930), Mary Elizabeth (1889–), Minnie Clyde (1891–1912), Annie Lou (1892–1955), Herman Lucius (1898–1950), Samuel Urban (1900–1973), Fannie Inez (1903–1989), and Susan Marinda Potts (1906–1999).

Lucius' brother Urban was in the turpentine business and Lucius worked with him in Georgia and Florida. It isn't known when they left NC and returned home but Lucius sold his land he inherited from his father in 1885 while still in Wayne County and Urban sold his inherited land in 1888 while in Bullock County, GA. They both were back in NC by 1920 and were living in Duplin County, NC where Urban had bought a farm.

Lucius & Fannie Viola Brown Potts Family
Photo contributed by Ann Hedgepeth

1884 - Newman Potts Estate: Lot No. 8 is assigned to Lucius Potts in severalty, bounded as follows - to wit - beginning at a black gum on the run of a prong of Sleepy creek, Robert's corner, Spring Bank road, New Berne road, corner of lot no. 9, run of a prong of Sleepy Creek containing sixty five acres, valued at three hundred & thirty five dollars.

Register of Deeds - Wayne County - Goldsboro, NC
Book 54, pg71
Written: January 28, 1885
Reccorded: April 3, 1885
Deed - 1 1/2 or 2 acres

Lucius Potts and wife Frances to Elkanah Roberts

This deed made this the 28th day of January AD 1885 between Lucius Potts and Frances Potts his wife of the first part and Elkanah Roberts of the second part all of Wayne County NC.

For five dollars a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the State of North Carolina Wayne County and in Indian Springs township on one of the branches of Sleepy Creek adjoining the lands of Elkanah Roberts and Lucius Potts on the north side of the dividing line between Lucius Potts & Elkanah Roberts on said branch and the dam to be built at the crossing known as the Greens causeway to high water mark and depth of pond not to exceed 8 1/2 feet containing about one and half or two acres of land.

Register of Deeds - Wayne County - Goldsboro, NC
Book 55, pg 191
Written: November 14, 1885
Recorded: November 17, 1885
Deed - 65 acres - $300

Lucius Potts and wife Frances to W.S. Farmer

Adjoining Hannah Stafford, Cain Roberts, run of Sleepy Creek (a prong of said creek), Roberts corner, Spring Bank road, New Berne road, corner of lot No 9, prong of Sleepy Creek, then up same as it meanders to a north prong, then up same to the beginning containing 65 acres more or less, being the lot No 8 in the division of Newman Potts as recorded in Liber 54 page 44, less about two acres sold by said Lucius Potts to Cain (Elkanah) Roberts & excepted from this conveyance.

Register of Deeds - Wayne County - Goldsboro, NC
Book 61, pg 244
Written: December 14, 1888
Recorded: March 29, 1889
Deed - $15 – Undivided interest

Lucius Potts and wife Fanny to John F. Fields

Adjoining the lands of John F. Fields, Margaret Smith, being the undivided interest of Lucius Potts in Lot No. 7 of the division of the lands of Newman Potts dec’d as recorded in No. 54 page 42 of the Register’s office of Wayne County: to which record reference is here made for further particulars: the said Lucius Potts being one of the heirs of Julia E. Potts to whom said lot No. 7 was assigned in said division also the entire interest of said Lucius Potts in the estate of said Julia E. Potts dec’d both real and personal is hereby intended to be conveyed to said John F. Fields. Registered March 29, 1889

1900 Militia District 24, Liberty, GA Census
Lucius Potts age 41, head of household
Race white, gender male, married
Spouse Francis Potts age 33
Marriage year 1882
Father and mother's birthplace North Carolina
Occupation farm laborer
Can read and write
House rented
John H. Potts age 15
Jessie Potts age 12
Elizabeth Potts age 11
Minnie Potts age 9
Annie L. Potts age 6
Herman Potts age 2
Paul Jones age 46

Lucius and Fannie are buried at Maplewood Cemetery in Mount Olive, NC. Lucius was originally buried in Potts Cemetery and moved to Maplewood at a later date.

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