Robert McKinne
1821 - bef 25 Nov 1866
Son of John & Polly Carraway McKinne
Wayne County, NC

December 17, 1842 - Division of the lands of John McKinne dec'd: Lot No 1 - drawn by Robert McKinne beginning at a maple on the run of Carraway's Creek in George W. Collier's line and on the south side of the Cypress Pond to a stake on the north side of Poplar Branch at the west end of the Mill Dam to the run of Carraway's Creek about 60 yards above the Mill house and containing 72 3/4 acres valued at $250.

November Court 1851 - Ordered that John Caraway, Wm Futrell, Robert McKinne, Josiah Fields be appointed patrols in the Indian Springs district for one year.

Jan 29th 1859 - This day an Election was held at Indian Springs for Constable, Robert McKinne voted. NC Archives - CR 103.912.9

1860 Wayne County, NC Census - Indian Springs
Robert McKinne, 34
Mary, 70
Mary, 30
Neighbors William Carraway, Joseph E. Kennedy

It is proposed the following Robert was the son of John McKinne d. 1838.

February Court 1860 - Ordered that the following persons be appointed patrols in School District No 36 including Dudley Depot viz Bryan J. Rhodes, McKinne, Robert Southerland, Samuel Parker, James Cox and ___ Wiggins. NC Archives - Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions.

31 Dec 1862 - Muster Roll of 27 Regiment NC Militia - Company B, Robert McKinne, 42. NC Archives, George W. Collier Papers, 1861-1865, PC 415.

NC, US, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998

On 25 Nov 1866 - David McKinne, James A. Fields and William G. Morrisey posted a bond naming David McKinne Administrator of Robert McKinne dec'd.

November Term 1867 - Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions. Petition of David McKinne Adm'r of Robert McKinne dec'd, against Wilbert J. Futrel and wife Hepsey, James A. Fields and wife Sarah, and MaryMcKinne, heirs at law of said Robert McKinne dec'd and Polly McKinne widow of John McKinne. The amount of debts due are estimated at $100 and value of personal estate nothing. He died possessed of a tract of land in Wayne containing about 128 acres adjoining the lands of the late Wm. Carraway and G. W. Collier about 30 acres of which is subject to the Dower interest of Polly McKinne widow of the said John McKinne. (Wilbert & Hepsey Furtel were non-residents of the state). Image

May Term 1868 - David McKinne Adm'r vs Polly McKinne and others. This cause coming to be heard on the petition it is ordered that David McKinne sell the land mentioned in the petition on a credit of six months at such time and place as may deem best after 20 days advertisement of the same and report to the next term of this court.

24 Oct 1868 - Account of Sales of the property of Robert McKinne dec'd sold by D. McKinne Admn. at Dudley on a credit of six months. Image

24 Oct 1868 - In obedience to an order made in this cause I proceeded advertising according to law to sell the lands described in the petition at Dudley NC on a credit of six months where Mary McKinne Jr. became the last and highest bidder at $225. Daniel McKinne.

30 May 1870 - in the Probate Court of Wayne - Personally appeared J. A. Fields who maketh oath that he together with one William G. Morrisey became securities to David McKinne upon his administration upon the estate of Robert McKinne something over two years ago. That the said William G. Morrisey is reported to be insolvent and that said David McKinne has been guilty of default and misconduct in the due execution of his office and that he has failed to account as required by Section 478 of the Code of Civil Procedure. He therefore prays for an order requiring said David McKinne to show cause why the letters shall not be revoked in obedience to sections 470 and 479 of said Code of Civil Procedure.

25 Feb 1871 - North Carolina, Wayne County - To the Probate Judge of said county I hereby tender my resignation as Administrator of Robert McKinne and respectfully request that the same be accepted. David McKinne. (no date)

17 Apr 1871 - The petition of Daniel Cogdell Administrator of Robert McKinne estimated the estate was worth about $400 and there is no personal estate. That at the time of his death, the said intestate was seized in fee simple of the following lands in Wayne County being lot No. 1 in the division of the lands of John McKinne which is fully described in the said division on the records of said county and to which reference is made containing 72 3/4 acres valued about $2 per acre and that said lands descended to his brother and sisters to wit: David McKinne aged about 40 years residing in Greene Co, NC, Sarah Fields wife of J. A. Fields aged over 21 years residing in Wayne Co, NC and Hepsey Furtrell wife of W. J. Futrell aged over 21 years residing in the state of South Carolina. Image

Indenture made 31 Dec 1872 between David Cogdell Administrator of Robert McKinne Dec'd of the one part and Jerry Hines all of Wayne, for $421.23 land in Wayne being lot No. 1 in the division of the lands of John McKinne dec'd and which is fully described in said division in the records of said county and to which reference is made containing 72 3/4 acres. Recorded: 1 Feb 1873. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds, Bk 33, pg 624. Image

1 Jan 1873 - George J. Robinson, CSC, to Carolina Messenger for $8 to six weeks publication of Petition of Sale for Assets, in the case of Daniel Cogdell, Adm. of Rbt. McKinne's estate. Received payment Julius A. Bonitz. Image