David McKinne
14 Feb 1832 - 26 Apr 1912
Son of John & Polly Carraway McKinne
Wayne County, NC

December 17, 1842 - Division of the lands of John McKinne dec'd: Lot No 4 - drawn by David McKinne beginning at a red oak George W. Collier's and James Slocumb's corner on the north east side of the marsh to a stake in the old road to George Collier's line at his cotton patch new Ground to a maple his corner near his ditch and containing 93 acres valued at $375.

Indenture made 19 Apr 1853 between David McKinne Jnr. and George W. Collier both of Wayne, for $853 and in Wayne known as Lot No. 4 in the division of the lands of John McKinne and drawn by David McKinne Jnr. adjacent to the old Newbern Road, George W. Collier's corner containing 93 acres. Witnesses: E. Murray and C. H. Brogden. Registered: Aug't Term 1853. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds, Bk 23, pg 370. Images

1850 Wayne County, NC Census - South side Neuse
Mary M. McKinne, 55
Robert, 29
Sarah, 27
Mary, 25
David, 17
Neighbors Hepsy (daughter) and Wilbert Futruel, Richard and Cullen Casey

1860 Wayne County, NC Census - Indian Springs
David McKinne, 28, Farmer, real estate 4250, personal 9670
Elizabeth C., 32
John R., 2
Infant, 11/12, F
W. E. Morrisey, 65, personal 15700
A. B. Morrisey, 23
W. G. Morrisey, 21, School teacher
James Carrol, 12, B
Neighbors B. J. Bowden, Newman Potts Sr., J. A. Fields, Nicholas Smith
(There are no deeds to support David s/o John owning land with this value)

1870 Greene County, NC Census - Snow Hill
David McKinne, 40, Farm laborer
Elizabeth, 42
Ann, 11
Owen, 8
William, 5
Susan, 2

1880 Wayne County, NC Census - Goldsboro
David McKinne, 50, Miller
Eliza, 52
Annie, 20
Owen, 18
William, 15
Susan, 12

1900 Forsyth County, NC Census - Winston Ward 2
Owen C. McKinne, 37
Flora H., 30
Ruth, 2
Owen C. Jr, 3/12
David L. McKinne, 67, Father

1910 Forsyth County, NC Census - Winston Ward 2
Owen C. McKinne, 47
Flora, 40
Ruth, 12
Owen Jr, 10
Lenora, 3
David McKinne, 78, Father

Death Certificate, 1912
Burial: Willowdale Cemetery, Goldsboro, NC
(Mother's maiden name Carraway is correct but father's name is incorrect.)

It is proposed the following David was the same as the son of John McKinne d. 1838.

Feb Crt, 1846 - Mary McKinne guardian of David McKinne came into court and renewed her bond in the sum of fifteen hundred dollars with Jno Everitt and Rob McKinne securities. NC Archives, Wayne County, NC Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions.

Jan 29th 1859 - This day an Election was held at Indian Springs for Constable and David McKinne was one of the voters. Election Records, NC Archives.

Feb Crt, 1860 - Ordered that David McKinne be appointed overseer of the road leading from Hatch's old mill to Lewis' School House and the usual hands work thereon. NC Archives, Wayne County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.

Feb Co, 1860 - Ordered that the following persons be appointed patrols in School District No 36 including Dudley Depot viz Bryan J. Rhodes, David McKinne, Robert Southerland, Samuel Parker, James Cox and ___ Wiggins. NC Archives, Wayne County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.

In 1863, David McKinne, a descendant of the famous old Colonel William McKinne, of Wayne County, was station agent at Dudley, with a salary of $180.00 annually. When this salary is contrasted to the $120.00 earned by the agent at Mount Olive Station you get the idea that Dudley was economically more important in 1863. History of Mount Olive, NC.

12 Dec 1865 - William Carraway Estate - Terms of sale of property of Wm Carraway deceased sold by D. B. Everitt Extor is six months credit with --- and approved security before property is removed. Names of buyers: J. A. Fields, D. McKinne, others. FamilySearch.org.

February 18, 1867 - David McKinne comes into court and qualifies as a Justice of the Peace. NC Archives, Wayne County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.

Feby Court 1867 - To David McKinne Greeting: We do hereby appoint you Overseer of the Public Road extending from the south end of D. B. Everitt's Mill through Everittsville & Dudley to where the said road intersects Duplin Road at W. J. Halls plantation. NC Archives, Wayne County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.

Elcana Roberts to Abigail Lewis on 21 December 1867 Page 3
Parents of Groom: Richard Roberts and Rebecca Roberts
Parents of Bride: John Lewis and Abbi Lewis
Place of Marriage: John R. Roberts
Married by: David McKinney

David McKinne Bankruptcy, 1868