Richard McKinne
Died bef April Court 1800
Wayne County, NC

From McKinnes Were Giants Among Early Settlers: "Richard and his wife, Sarah Fellows, had eight children. He was a member of the State House of Commons and State Senate. He voted for the federal Constitution as North Carolina became the 12th state to join the Union." (Search "McKinne" in the Colonial and State Records).

Indenture made 16 Nov 1821 between Sarah McKinne and Robert Fellow both of Wayne, for 50 pounds land in Wayne on the north side of Little River adjacent to a patent of John Page and containing 150 acres. One other tract of land adjacent to the said patent being the lands that Robert Fellow dec'd gave by his will to his son Price Fellow who hath since deceased intestate and by the will of said Robert Fellow dec'd it was directed that the executor should sell the legacy of either of the legatees that died under age and the money to be equally divided amongst the surviving heirs and the said Sarah McKinne being one of the lawful heirs of the said Price Fellow dec'd containing 22 acres. Witness: Willis Martin. Registered: Nov'r Term 1821. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 12, pg 232. Image

Richard and Sarah's children were: John, Barnabas, Mary, Matthew, Richard, Sarah, William and Zilpha.

Richard's Last Will and Testament

An account of sale of the estate of Richard McKinne dec'd this 16 September 1800
Buyers at sale: Joshua Beard, William Beard, Sarah Bennett, Thomas Bizzell, Wm Bizzell, Cullen Blackman, Wm Boykin, James Bradbury, Thomas Brogden, Adam Carraway, Richard Cox, George Denning, Joseph Everett, Robert Fellows Jun'r, Benja Fulgham, Solomon Grantham, Daniel Headspeth, Bryan Holmes, Benja Jernigan, George Lenton, Mathew Mason, David McKinne, John McKinne Jun'r, John McKinne Sen'r, Richard McKinne, Sarah McKinne, William McKinne, Jesse Musgrave, Negro Joe, John Coor Pender, Sally Pope, William Pope, James Sasser, Samuel Slocumb, Drewey Smith, Lazarus Smith, Robert Sterling, Jonathan Taylor, Jonathan Taylor Sen'r, John Westbrook, James Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Lawrence Wood and Demsey Worwick.

1802 - Wayne County May Term - Ordered that Richard Croom, Ezekiel Slocumb, James Bradbury, Samuel Slocumb, John C Pender, James Sasser and Claudius Hamilton be appointed a committee to settle the estate of Richard McKinne Esq'r dec'd between the Exec'rs of said dec'd and the Heirs of Estate where he has been either Guardian Executor or Administrator and make report to next court. Attest Jas Sasser CC.

May Term 1803 - Richard McKinne Guardian Bond for Barnaby McKinne Minor - Ordered that Barnaby McKinne, Robert Fellow, John Kennady, John C Pender and Ezekiel Slocumb be appointed a committee to divide the real and personal estate of John McKinne and Barnaby McKinne heirs of Richard McKinne deceased.

August Term 1803 - Plat of land adjacent to Neuse River divided into two equal parts with 500 acres for Barnaba and 500 acres for John McKinne: (1) Beg'n for Barnaba McKinne at a red oak and hickory on the bank of Neuse River little above Hopton Point on the River Bank. (2) Beg'n for John McKinne at a red oak and hickory on Neuse River bank, Barnaba McKinna corner, corner Little above Hopton Point then the river bend, Richard McKinne's corner. Also one other tract beg'n at a post oak by Richard McKinne's Spring and runs with his line to the river and down the meanders of said river containing (smudge) six acres.

October Court 1803 - Also have proceeded to divide the personal estate unto John McKinne, one Negro man named Jerry and one mare and colt at five hundred and thirty dollars. Also have allotted unto Barnaby McKinne two Negroes named Cuff and Bet and two mares valued to $715 and Barnby is to pay John McKinne $185.

18 Feb 1804 - The Exec'rs of Richard McKinne dec'd to 12 years board and clothing for Richard McKinne orphan of William McKinne.

20 Feb 1804 - Sarah McKinne Guardian Bond for Sarah and Mary McKinne Minors - Sarah McKinne Guardian Bond for Robert and Matthew McKinne Minors.

February Court 1805 - Zilpha McKinne Orphan Settlement.

Indenture made 20 Aug 1805 between Joseph Everitt, Richard McKinne and John McKinne executors of the estate of Richard McKinne dec'd of the one part and Lawrence Wood of the other part all of Wayne, for 2600 pounds land in Wayne on the west side of Falling Creek adjacent to Owens Branch, corner between Wm. McKinne and his son Matthew McKinne, Dupree's back line, Edward Grantham's second corner, Cabbin Branch containing 700 acres. One other tract on the north side of Horse Swamp, run of Falling Creek, James Quimby line containing 50 acres. Witnesses: P. Collier and Sampson Edwards. Registered: May Court 1806. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 8, pg 388.

1 Jan 1806 - Twelve months after date we promise to pay Sarah McKinne Guardian to Sally and Polly McKinne orphans of Richard McKinne dec'd the just and full sum of 26 pounds 12 shillings it being for value received. Richard Bass and Michall McKinne.