John McKinne
Died bef May Court 1804
Wayne County, NC

John McKinne and wife Elizabeth's children were: David, John, Matthew and Sally. In John's will it mentions "if my wife should be delivered of a son or a daughter" and it is proposed this was Michael who was a minor in 1823 in the following record.

John's Last Will and Testament

John's Estate Papers

An Inventory of the Estate of John McKinne dec'd taken 25 May 1804 - Negroes Dick, Isaac, Bobb, Cloe, Zeney, Hannah and child Jack.

May Term 1805 - Ordered that John Hurst, Probert Collier and James Bradbury be appointed a Committee to settle the accounts between the executors of John McKinne dec'd and William McKinne Guardian to the orphans of David McKinne dec'd and report to this present term.

Sale of the property of John McKinne dec'd sold 10 Oct 1808 - Buyers were, Uriah Bass Junr William Boykin, Reuben Burket, John Carraway, Daniel Cogdell, Joseph Everitt, William Fellow, Needham Grantham, Samuel Hart, John Humphrey Junr, John Hurst, Benjamin Jernigan, Barnabas McKinne, John McKinne, Michael McKinne, Richard McKinne, William McKinne, James Musgrave, William Robins, Edmund Simms, John Thompson, Nicholson Washington and Benjamin Wilson.

Appearance Bond 9 Nov 1808 - John Carraway and Elizabeth Carraway to answer unto William McKinne Executor of John McKinne dec'd in a plea of trespass on the case to his damage one hundred pounds.

It is proposed the following Michael was born after John's will was written.

November Term 1814 - We have valued the Negroes belonging to the estate of John McKinne dec'd between Charles Carraway in right of his wife Sally and Michael McKinne as follows:
Lot No. 1 drawn by Michael received Isaac, Tom, Chloe and Amy.
Lot No. 2 drawn by Charles & Sally Carraway received Dick, Zenah, Jacob and Penny.
Recorded Feb'y Court 1815

Orphans Account 9 May 1815 - Pursuant to an order of Court issued Feb'y Term 1815 we have examined and settled the accounts of John Carraway as Guardian and find the within balance of 509 pounds 12 shillings and three pence in his hands due to said Sally and Michael bearing interest from Feb'y Court 1815.

20 Aug 1817 - For value received with interest from the date hereof to pay Charles Caraway guardian to Michael McKinne $298.58.

Guardian Bond 19 May 1817 - John McKinne appointed Guardian to Matthew McKinne a minor orphan.

Guardian Bond 19 May 1817 - Charles Carraway appointed Guardian to Michael McKinne a minor orphan

Guardian Bond 19 Nov 1823 - David McKinne appointed Guardian to Michael McKinne a minor orphan.