John McKinne
bef 1800 - bef 19 Jul 1839
Wayne County, NC

North Carolina, US, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998

In pursuance of an order of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions I have advertised and sold the Negro boy Calvin mentioned in petition of Mary B. McKinne to James Everitt for $620 he being the last and highest bidder. Apr'l 3rd 1841 - Jno. A. Green

(No date) - To the Worshipful the Justices of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of the county of Wayne. The Petition of Mary McKinney, widow of John McKinney, Wilbert J. Futrell and wife Hepsey, Robert McKinney and Mary McKinney guardian of Sarah, Mary and David McKinney infants under age respectfully sheweth to your Worships that John McKinney late of the county of Wayne died without his last will and testament and that John Everett administered on the estate of the said John McKinney sometime in the year 1839. They further state that they are distributees according to law of the estate of said John and now parties in lands, tenants in common of certain slaves viz: Kitty and her children Penny, Grip, Leylla, Jack & Junius and Olivia and her children Lewis and Cheny. They pray your Worships to order a division of the said slaves among them in severalty and that commissioners may be appointed to divide the same and they will in pray as in duty bound.

John McKinne Division of Negroes - Recorded Feb'y Court 1843

Agreeable to an order of Court issued at Nov'r Term 1842 to us directed to divide the Negroes belonging to the estate of John McKinne dec'd your committee make the following report that they proceeded to value the Negroes and valued them at $1702.50 and divided them in six lots and find the average lot $283.75.

Lot 1 drawn by Robert McKinne girl Olive valued at $325 and pays $41.25 to No 5.
Lot 2 drawn by widow Mary McKinne girl Kitty valued at $325 and pays $51.25 to Lot 6.
Lot 3 drawn by Hepsy Futrell wife of Wilbert J. Futrell boy Keder and girl Cheny valued at $325 and pays $7.50 to No 6.
Lot 4 drawn by David boys Grip and Junius valued at $270 and receives $13.25 from No 3.
Lot 5 drawn by Sarah McKinne girl Sella and Jack valued at $242.50 and receives $41.25 from No 1.
Lot 6 drawn by Mary McKinne girl Moriah valued at $225 and receives $51.25 from No 2 and $7.50 from No 3.

Which your committee respectfully submits. John Evertt JP and J. W. S. West