Urban Lewis

Greene & Wayne Counties, North Carolina
b. bef. 1785 - d. bef. 25 Feb 1847
Son of William Lewis born 1761

Urban Lewis' Last Will and Testament in 1841 mentions wife Susan and children Bethana Lewis, Eliza Martin, Elizabeth Lewis, Fanny Denmark, Patience Lewis, John Lewis, Polly Martin, Susan Lewis and William Lewis. Son Joel Lewis was not mentioned in the will but on the same day the will was written he received 187 acres from his father in a Deed of Gift which may have been part of the 220 acres given to Urban by his father in a deed of gift.

Patience Lewis Denmark's Death Certificate documents Susan Casey as Urban's wife.

(Father Urban Lewis was born in Greene County, NC)

August 14, 1812 - John Casey Deed states Urban Lewis was Heir-at-Law of Micajah Casey who died in 1800.

Deed of Gift written November 21, 1807 between William Lewis of the one part and Urbin Lewis of the other part for and in consideration of the natural love & affection which I William Lewis have and do being unto my son Urbain Lewis a certain tract or piece of land situate lying being in the County of Wayne and part in Duplin County containing 220 acres.

Lewis Cemetery, Hopewell Lane, Indian Springs, Wayne County, NC.
Urban Lewis and wife Susan Casey are thought to be buried here.

Wayne County, NC 1810 Census
Urban Lewis
1 M 26-44
1 F under 10
1 F 26-44

Not in Wayne's 1820 Census

Wayne County, NC 1830 Census
Urban Lewis Capt. Reasons District
1 M under 5
1 M 5-9
2 M 15-19
1 M 50-59
2 F under 5
1 F 5-9
2 F 10-14
1 F 15-19
1 F 40-49
1 F 80-89 (likely Susan's mother Sarah Casey, wife of Micajah Casey. (Urban's age is incorrect, should be 40-49).

Wayne County, NC 1840 Census
Urban Lewis Indian Springs
1 Male 10-14
1 M 20-29
1 M 50-59
2 M 5-9
1 F 15-19
1 F 50-59
Two doors away Waitman Martin

Captain Gradys District
List of the Taxable Property for the year 1810 taken this 22nd of June 1810
Persons Name, # Acres Land, # White Pole, # Black Pole
Urban Lewis, 375, 1, -

Indian Springs District - February 1st 1831
At an election began & held at the meeting house at the Indian Springs in said District we the subscribers appointed by Captain Stephen Bryan to hold an election for electing a constable for said District proceeded to hold said election agreeably to public notice of the same when the following votes were received
#48 - Urban Lewis

On August 15, 1831 Urban obtained an Administrator's Bond for the estate of Laban Lewis, his brother. Image

On November 21, 1836 Urban obtained an Administrator's Bond for the estate of Mourning Lewis, his sister-in-law and wife of his brother Laban Lewis. Image

Issued: 20 Apr 1807
State of North Carolina No 40
Know ye that we have granted unto Urbane Lewis 12 1/2 acres of land in Greene County on the south side of Great Contentnea Creek and on the north side of the Rain Bow adjacent to maple in a branch in William Lewis plantation, Hills and said Lewis corner and runs with Lewis line to a maple his corner. Text - Images

Indenture made June 10, 1807 between Thomas K. Kornegay of the State of Alabama and Dallas County and Urbin Lewis of Wayne, for $195.75 land in Wayne on the head waters of Lewis Branch and Sleepy Creek adjacent to John Harris corner, side of field and containing 195 3/4 acres. Witnesses: Jas. F. Kornegay and John Harris. Registered: August Term 1837. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 17, pg 247 - Image

25 Nov 1815 - John Casey, Sarah Casey, William Casey, Urban Lewis, and Ully Lewis of Wayne and Duplin counties for $52.50 to each of us, a bill of sale to Richard Casey for a one-seventh part owned by each of them in two Negroes names Shepard and Caswell. Witnessed by Laban Lewis. (The deed was signed by Salley Anderson instead of Sarah Casey.) Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 12, pg 365. Image.

Indenture made March 23, 1822 between Urban Lewis and Laban Lewis both of Wayne, for $36.25 land Wayne adjacent to the dividing line between Urban Lewis and Basil Kornegay, Bass' patent, Laban Lewis line and containing 14 1/2 acres. Witnesses: James Griswold and Ulle Lewis. Recorded: May Term 1823. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 12, pg 385 - Image

Indenture made Dec'r 10, 1824 between Lowden Tew of Sampson Co and Urbin Lewis of Wayne Co, for $150 land in Sampson east side of Little Cohary and Hasnet Swamp adjacent to Richard Odoms field containing 100 acres. Witnesses: Ulley Lewis and Arthur S. Beaman Registered: Nov'r Term 1836. Sampson County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 21, pg 266 - Image

Indenture made February 21, 1825 between Riley Odom of Sampson Co and Urbin Lewis of Wayne Co, for $170 land in Sampson on the east side of Little Cohary adjacent to Ferrels Branch containing 100 acres. Witnesses: Ulley Lewis and __ Carraway. Registered: Nov'r Term 1826. Sampson County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 21, pg 255 - Image

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