Jeremiah Fields
abt 1780 - bef 1850
Greene County, NC

Jeremiah Fields was in the Greene County, NC 1800 census age "up to 20" and thought to have been in the Tyson's Marsh area northwest of Snow Hill as some of his neighbors received land grants there. Some researchers think he may have been a son of Brittle Fields of Lenoir County. Some researchers think he may have descended from John Fields of Rhode Island. See Old Dobbers for more research on these families.

In 1800 he voted in an Election at Snow Hill on the second Thursday and Friday in August to elect one person qualified to represent the County of Greene in the Senate of the General Assembly the present year.

In 1816 he was on the Taxables and Taxable Property List in Captain B. Sheppard's District.

Jeremiah Fields Family Bible from Carol P. Martoccia

Following is a partial list of names from the bible listing Jeremiah's children. See Bible Record.

Jeremiah's birth and death dates are no included but he died between February 28, 1843 and the 1850 census

Thomas H. Fields Son of Jeremiah Fields and Mary Fields his wife was born the 3rd of February 1807
Alexander Fields son of the above parents was born the 25th of March 1809
Matthew Fields son of the above parents was born the 7th of May 1811
William Britle (sic) Fields son of the same parents was born the 4 of July 1813
Lemuel Fields son of the above parents was born the 11 of April 1815
Eliza Fields daughter of the above parents was born the 4gh of September 1817
Josiah Fields son of the above parents was born the 4th of January 1820
Henry Fields son of the above parents was born the 4th of September 1822

The names Josiah, Lemuel and William B. Fields appeared in Wayne County deeds starting in the 1840s. This Josiah married Caroline Casey, daughter of Richard Casey, son of Micajah Casey d. 1800 of Wayne. See Wayne County Fields' deeds

Jeremiah had a second wife in Greene County named Elizabeth who is thought to have been Elizabeth Bryan/Bryant and was born abt. 1790. Their children were:

Margaret D., born 1826 per 1850 census
James Addison, born Aug 7, 1828 per tombstone
Bennet Curby born Oct 22, 1829 per tombstone
Robert C., born Sep 7, 1834 per tombstone
(This family was in Wayne County by September 25, 1852 in the Brogden Township and were in the 1860 census)

General Assembly Records - Nov. 1828 - Jan. 1829 Box 2, NC Archives
From Martha Marble

Joel Bryant Petitions
There are two petitions in this record and the second one is as follows: A Bill to alter the names of Blake Ballard and Elizabeth Ballard of Greene County, and to legitimate them. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, that Blake Ballard and Elizabeth Ballard, illegitimate children of Joel Bryon and Margaret his wife of Greene County, shall hereafter be known and distinguished by the names of Blake Bryon and Elizabeth Bryon, and by those names shall be made capable to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in any County within this State; and those names shall be legitimated, and made capable to take, inherit, possess and enjoy any estate, real or personal which may be devised or descend to them in as full and ample a manner, to all intent, and purposes, as if they had been born in lawful wedlock; Any law to the contrary notwithstanding. Read on 3 Jan. 1829. (The back of this petition indicates it was rejected although Blake Bryan can be found on the Census in both Greene and Lenoir Counties as Blake Bryan). Image

Greene County, NC Estate Records 1839-1845 by Bill Murphrey Records

Page 84 - Nicholas Smith Senr., 24 April, 1840. Division and Valuation of negroes by James B. Pridgen, Thos. Wooten, Jeremiah Fields and Dempsey Wood.

Page 85 - Nicholas Smith Senr., 24 April, 1840. Division of Lands by James B. Pridgen, Jeremiah Fields, Thos. Wooten and Dempsey Wood.

Page 319-320 - February Term 1843 - James B. Pridgen Exc'r of Joel Bryant Dec'd in Account Current with said Estate. Images

Page 320 - February Term 1843 - Pursuant to an order issued from Feb'y Term 1843 appointing a committee to audit and settle the accounts of Jas. B. Pridgen Exc'r of Joel Bryant Dec'd. After examining the accounts we find the hole remaining in hand $733.49 1/2 of which $200 and its interest is to go to Robert Bryant, the balance to the children of Jeremiah Fields as the will directs. Recorded May Term 1843.

Page 333 - Aug Term 1843 - Jeremiah Fields Guardian to his Bryan children in Acct current.
Amount of debt due from committees report 28 Feb 1843 - $514.94 1/2
By this amount for Gen'l Bond - $.60
This Amt paid Jury for attendance to dispossess Nancy Vause - $10
This Amt of trouble and expense of same 31 Jan 1841 - $10
This Amt of Tax rent for 1842 - $.40
Total amount - $493.74 1/2
Jeremiah (x) Fields Guardian
August Term 1843 - Then was the foregoing report of Guardianship made on oath in open court confirmed and ordered to be recorded. (Reference to "Bryan children" may have been to distinguish them from his and the first wife's children). Image

North Carolina General Assembly Records
1800 Greene County Election
Nov and Dec 1800 Session - Box 2 - Senate Committee Reports from Martha Marble

At an Election begun and held at Snow Hill on the second Thursday and Friday in August in 1800. To elect one person qualified to represent the County of Greene in the Senate of the General Assembly the present year. The vote of the free holders of the said County were taken as follows to wit - Jeremiah Fields, others.

Treasurers and Comptrollers Reports Box 14, NC Archives from Martha Marble

Greene County Taxables and Taxable Property in Captain B. Sheppard's District, 1816
Jeremiah Fields, 330 acres, $650, 1 white pole

1800 Greene Co NC Census
Jeremiah Fields
1 M up to 20
2 F up to 20
Neighbors William Hinson, Lemuel Hardee, Drury Aldridge, James Glasgow Jr.

Not in 1810 or 1820 Census

Jeremiah and Mary's last child was born in 1822 and he and second wife Elizabeth had their first child in 1826.

1830 Greene Co NC Census
Jeremiah Fields
2 M under 5
2 M 5-9
2 M 10-14
2 M 15-19
2 M 20-29
1 M 50-59
1 F under 5
1 F 10-14
1 F 30-39
1 Slave
Neighbors Tabitha Hill, Lemuel Hill, Richard Smith, James Moring, James Garland

1840 Greene Co NC Census
Jeremiah Fields
2 M 5-9
3 M 10-14
1 M 15-19
1 M 70-79 (age doesn't match up with previous census)
1 F 15-19
1 F 40-49
1 Slave
Neighbors Eliza Aldridge, Thomas Lee, Samuel Hardy, Stephen Carney, Parrott Mewborn

1850 Greene Co NC Census
Adison Fields, 22, Farmer, real estate 1000
Elizabeth, 59
Benit C., 20
Robert, 15
Neighbors Henry Fields, Mathew Fields, Nicholas Smith & wife Margaret D. (daughter of Elizabeth and Jeremiah), Elizabeth Vause, Lemuel Hardy, Parrot Mewborn

1860 Wayne County, NC Census - Indian Springs
Elizabeth Fields, 67
Neighbors J. A. Fields, John Capps, Nicholas & Margaret Smith, Newman Potts Sr. (No further record is found for her)

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