Winsett Family
Edgecombe, Dobbs and Jones County, NC to TN

Sons of Ignatius and Frances Winsett, Robert, John and Joseph were in Dobbs County, NC from 1756-1778 and moved over to ajdoining Jones County and deeds show them there from 1785-1805. Robert and his family made their way to Tennessee about the same time as the Daniel Potts family. Robert died in Williamson County, TN in 1812.

Robert Winsett 1812 Will, Williamson County, TN

John Winsett Estate Papers, 1790-92, Jones County, NC

Robert, John and Joseph Winsett Revolutionary War Pay Vouchers

Winsett Records, Dobbs County, NC

Winsett, Jones and Jarman Deeds, Jones County, NC

Excepts from Rutherford County, TN Probate Records
by Jeanie Potts Nolte

Estate of James Espey 24 Nov 1813 - Note on John Winsett for $24.75. Estate sale buyers Thomas Whitsett, Joseph Whitsett.

Inventory of Thomas Washington dec'd. Accounts to Dec. 1818 term: Daniel Potts $2.00, William Winsett.

Estate of David Jones returns to June term 1819. Sale Mar. 31, 1819, buyers: John Gillespie 2 hoes $.27 1/2, Robert Potts 2 chizzels $.62 1/2, 1 kettle $2.00, 1 pail $.12 1/2, 1 cow & calf $22.43 3/4, 1 spur $6 1/4, 1 bedstead $2.00, 1 stack of fodder $5.50. Amos Winsett 1 umbrella $2.56 1/4. Willie Winsett $5.18 3/4, 1 heifer $5. 87 1/2.

Amos and Robert Winsett Record of Heirs, 1836, Williamson County, TN

Asa and Daniel Winsett 1816, Williamson County, TN

Contributed by Nancy Seefeldt

Winsett Marriages

Family History Center

Rutherford County Tennessee Marriage Records Vol. 1 1804-1837 LDS FHC Film # 379649

P. 84 Jetton, John to Rachel Winsett, Jeremiah W. Fletcher surety, iss. 26 Oct 1827.
P. 181 Winsett, Harley to Matilda Brown, Amos Winsett surety, iss. 3 Dec. 1833.

Williamson County Tennessee Marriages 1804-1850 From Film # SW16-0071(LDS #844960)

Benson, James to Sency Winsett Apr. 7, 1816 by N. Scale, J.P. Bd: Stringer Potts, Test: N.P. Hardeman.
Holton, Andrew to Letsey Winsett Sept. 25, 1828 by Horatio Burns, D.M.E.E.. Bondsman Silas Winsett
Prince, Chaney to Rilley W. Winsett 22 Oct. 1845 (Bond Alone) John W. Burns, Bd.
Maxwell, Albert M. to Sarah C. Winsitt 25 Jan 1843 bond. Bd.: William (X) Gesit
Taylor Jonathon to Irena Winsett 12 Sept. 1830, Joseph Ralston Bd.
Winset, Williams (X) to Arabella Welburn 7 Jan. 1824. Bondsman: Amos Winset
Winsett, Asa to Elizabeth Benson 7 Nov. 1809 by N. Scales. Bondsman: Daniel Brown. Wit.: Wm. P. Harrison.
Winsett, Elijah D to Lurana Kelly 26 Aug. 1836, executed by N. Patterson Modrall, M.G. Bds. Felix G. Kelly.
Winsett, German to Sally Clark 23 May 1807. Bds. Sterling Brown Wit.: N.P. Hardeman
Winsett, Jason (X) to Anne Glenn 17 Dec. 1816. Bondsman: Amos (X) Winsett. Test.: N. P. Hardeman.
Winsett, Silas to Sally Freeman 18 Mar. 1812. Bondsman: John Freeman. Wit.: Wm. P. Harrison
Winsett, Wiley to Edy Chapman 1 June 1818 Bondsman: Jason Winsett Wit.: Thos. Hardeman
Burge, John W. to Lucinda Winsett Dec. 13, 1835 by Jesse Cox, M.G. Bd. Benjamin Stevens