Mary Casey
bef 1775 - unknown
Wayne County, NC
Daughter of Micajah and Sarah Casey
Wife of William Harris

August 14, 1812 - John Casey sold his and three of his sister's shares of the land received after their father's death. This deed names the father, two of his sons and the husbands of three daughters. It is signficant in that it can help prove the relationship of five of Micajah Casey's children to their father. William Harris is shown as an heir at law of Micajah Casey in this deed. Image

Kentucky 1810 Census - Greenville, Muhlenberg County
William Harris
3 M under 10
1 M 19-15
1 M 26-44
2 F under 10
1 F 26-44

The Estate of Micajah Casey Senr. dec'd to William Harris Junr. for ballance due on Settlements, making 2 pr Shoes, ditto 1 pr ditto, 16 shillings six pence. Errors Excepted. Sworn to before me agreeable to Law this 5th day of August 1800 Jas: Green J. P. - William Harris

Indenture made 1 Jan 1805 between William & Mary Harris to Micajah Casey for $24, lands which belonged to Micajah Casey Senr and by the death of Micajah Casey Senr one eight part of his lands fell to Wm and Mary Harris, 31 1/4 acres. Witnesses: John Casey, William C Cook. February Court 1805. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 8, pg 207.

Indenture made August 1, 1810 between William Harris of the state of Kentucky and county of Muhlenberg and John Casey of Wayne, for $5.50 land in Wayne all my right title interest and claim on demand in and to the land of which Micajah Casey Junior died possessed and to which I the said Harris am one of the heirs at law in right of my wife Mary and containing 22 1/4 acres. Witnesses: J. Slocumb and H. G. Slocumb. Registered: not given. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 10, pg 19.